All car washes include:

Spot Free Rinse – Power Dry – Free Self Serve Vacuums.



Just Wash and Go!

$ 5.00


Want to ride a super clean car?

$ 9.00


Get ready for cruzing on a shiny car

$ 12.00

FAQ’S & News

  • Why do I need to wash my car?

    Residue builds up on a car’s bodywork, road salt, tar, dirt and other parts like tires, brake pedals and undercarriage, putting looks and performance at risk. So extending its life should be your top priority.

  • Why not wash it at home?

    The rinse water from washing a car might contain potentially toxic soap and it can be contaminated with residues from exhaut fumes, gasoline and motor oils. Washing your car at home the rinse water is funneled into storm drains, rivers, canals, lakes harming the aquatic life in it.

  • Is Cruz n’ Clean safe for the environment?

    Yes, Cruz n’ Clean Car Wash reclaims and recycles the water, using far less water per car than washing at home, We use only cleaning ingredients that are enviromentally friendly and mostly bio-degradable.

  • How often should I wash my car?

    Keeping your car clean retains its value for resale. Cruz n’Clean is a professional car wash, our state of the art equipment, professional services and the application of special ingredients adding protection to your vehicle and not to mention the unbeatable monthly membership prices, we would reccomend to visit us as required (maybe once a week) to keep your car looking and cruzing like new.